The Dynamic Family Tree User Group

Description and Rules
To provide a forum for the discussion of all aspects of the DFT and to enable users to exchange help and information.

System Admin
The forum is managed by Michael Horey (the author of the DFT) who may be contacted by clicking on the [Contact System Admin] link.

The main language of the forum is English.

Other languages are permitted, but their use should be kept to a minimum. English translations posted as replies to such messages are encouraged.

Posting Messages
To post a message on a NEW TOPIC  (ie to start a new thread), click on the icon in the forum header.
Please do NOT use this icon when replying to a message.

When replying to a message, please use the message box at the bottom of the message page.

Please use a meaningful SUBJECT line for your message, as this will help other users. There is no need to use the same subject line when replying to a message.

Your email address is not required unless you wish other members to email you directly.

The forum is unmoderated, which means that all posts are displayed automatically.

Message Content
Any messages containing inappropriate language and/or content will be removed and the originator will prevented from making further posts to the group.
In the case of non-english messages, please report any inappropriate content to System Admin.

Message Dates
Please note that all dates use the U.S. format of month/day/year.