About the Author

Born 3 March 1936, Beckingham, North Notts.

All known ancestors come from North Notts and Lincolnshire - mostly from the Trent Valley villages and the Isle of Axholme.

Attended Henry Mellish Grammar School, Nottingham 1947-1953.

Employed as a Scientific Civil Servant working on Radar Systems from 1953 until my retirement in 1992.

Michael Horey - 1999

My wife Linda and I were married in 1959 and have three grown up children.

In 1962 I was introduced to my first 'programmable digital computer' and have been programming ever since!

Since my retirement in 1992, I have combined my interest in genealogy with computing; the main projects being:

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone researching any branch of my own tree which is used as an example.

Michael Horey: [email protected]