DftCom2 v10.03
File Name:dftc1003.exe
File Size:865 kBytes
Issued:20 May 2003

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Note for users of Windows 95.
If you have problems running the downloaded installation program dftc1003.exe, click here to download the alternative installation program dftx1003.exe.

Although this program will install exactly the same version of DftCom2, it does not create entries in the Windows Registry and will not automatically create a DftCom2 Program Group in the Windows Start up menu.

Java Plug-in from Sun Microsystems Inc

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If you are unable to view the example DFTs when using MS Internet Explorer, it may help to install the Java Plug-in from Sun Microsystems.

If you are already able to view the example DFTs, there is no need to install the Plug-in.