Using the Sun Java Plug-in

When the Java Plug-in is installed, the following icon is added to the Window's Control Panel


  1. Open the plug-in from the Windows Control panel by double-clicking on the icon.

  2. Select the Basic tab and set up as shown below.
    (setting the Show Exception Dialog Box is optional.)

  3. Select the Advanced tab and set up as shown below

  4. Select the Browser tab and enable the appropriate browsers as shown below

Confirming the Microsoft Internet Explorer settings

The above procedure should be all that is required to enable the browser(s) to use the Sun Plug-in.
However, it is probably worthwhile confirming that Internet Explorer is also correctly set up.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and from the Tools menu, select Internet Options

  2. Select the Advanced tab and confirm that the Java Sun menu item is present and enabled as shown below.

Switching between the Sun Plug-in and the MS Virtual Machine

When both the Sun Plug-in and the MS Virtual Machine are installed, it is possible to switch between them at any time.
  1. Open the Java Plug-in from the Windows Control Panel and select the Browser  tab.

  2. To use the MS Virtual Machine: DISABLE Microsoft Internet Explorer
    To use the Sun Plug-in: ENABLE  Microsoft Internet Explorer

  3. Click on the Apply button (this is essential).

  4. Re-start the browser (there is no need to re-boot)

When viewing a DFT which has been compiled by DftCom2 v9.10 (or later), the DFT Title Bar includes the Java version as shown below.
Sun Plug-in:
MS Virtual Machine:

Posible Conflicts

When the Sun Plug-in is installed, do not disable the plug-in from the Internet Explorer Tools | Internet Options | Advanced  menu, as this can lead to the situation where neither virtual machine is available to the browser.

Differences & Limitations


Whether or not you intend to download the Sun Plug-in yourself, it is strongly recommended that you re-compile your DFT with DftCom2 v9.10 (or later), as this ensures that your DFT will be displayed correctly when viewed on-line.

Michael Horey, 23 August 2002