The Dynamic Family Tree (International)

The Compiler

  • The DftCom2 compiler is a MS Windows program which converts a single Gedcom file to the set of files required to implement a Dynamic Family Tree
  • Compiler options allow the user to determine how the Gedcom file is processed. Using the default option settings, the compilation process is entirely automatic, although some of the more complex options involve a run-time dialogue with the user.
  • Includes comprehensive Help facility covering all aspects of compiling a Gedcom file and implementing a Dynamic Family Tree web page.

    The Dynamic Family Tree

    • Displays fully graphical, interactive family tree on a web browser (see example).
    • Implemented as a Java Applet - very fast response to user actions.
    • Shows children, spouse and four generations of ancestors of the individual at the tree focus.
    • Individuals colour coded according to relationship to the tree owner
    • Display details by positioning mouse pointer over an individual.
    • Display Image (where available) of individual at the tree focus.
    • Navigate the tree by:
      • Clicking on displayed individual.
      • Selecting individual from colour-coded drop-down, active index.
    • Change the Language in which the Dynamic Family Tree is displayed.
      Languages currently supported are:
      • Czech
      • Dansk
      • Deutsch
      • English
      • Español
      • Français
      • Fĝroyskt
      • Greek
      • Hrvatski
      • Italiano
      • Magyar
      • Nederlands
      • Norsk
      • Polski
      • Português
      • Russian
      • Slovenski
      • Suomi
      • Svenska
      • Türkçe
    • Move through history list of previous changes of tree focus.
    • Change tree owner and re-calculate colour-coded relationships.
    • Instant on-line multi-lingual Help facility.